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Hi John. Just wanted to report that I did have a positive outcome using this latest document. Thanks for your timely response to my situation.


Excellent Service

"Thanks so much for taking the time, you did good!"


Client Focused

"It’s not just the legal work but also your moral support that is appreciated."


Client Recommended

While representing a defendant – halfway through the jury trial defendant said: “I want you to know no matter how this turns out I really thank you for all you have done for me on this".


Experienced Attorney

While defending an attorney, during the jury trial counsel said: “ I can tell from your papers you have done a lot to prepare this for me, and I appreciate that.”


Highly Satisfied Client

After obtaining a defense verdict in a serious injury case for a rancher in southern Kansas, who was a good friend of Actor John Wayne, the rancher said, “How can I thank you? My entire ranch was on the line.”


Client-Recommended Firm

While defending a young man in a jury trial wherein he was accused of negligence in causing an automobile accident he turned to me halfway through the jury trial and said: “John, I want you to know whether we win or lose, I appreciate everything you have done for me in this case.” The jury found in favor of the plaintiff but only awarded nominal damages. When asked if his opinion regarding his representation had changed, he said, “No.”


Dedicated & Committed

Defended a local attorney in an automobile accident case. During a recess saw that he looking through my papers on counsel’s table which I had marked up in yellow, red and blue ink. He said it was obvious to him I had put a great deal of preparation into his case, and he appreciated that effort. Have a nice weekend. John.


Happy Client

"Hallelujah! It’s completely done! Thank you, John, we can’t tell you how much we appreciate all your hard work. It took a few weeks, but it’s amazing how our anxiety level has gone down. Thank you again, Nancy”.


Great Service

John, Thanks so much!