"Our experience has taught us what approach works and when to execute it."

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Record of Clean Success

Wagner Stuart stakes its reputation on doing it the right way. We offer clear solutions that do not put clients or our firm in jeopardy. We know what approaches work.

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Worked Every Eastern Oklahoma Court

Our knowing every court in this half of the state gives us a better chance of understanding what strategies will work for your case.

Over 40 Years of Experience

Clients know we will listen to them in order to fully understand and appreciate their circumstances and identify their goals to help them accomplish them.

Upfront legal representation for Oklahoma

We offer no false expectations to clients. If your legal goals are unattainable or infeasible, we immediately let you know. Wagner Stuart will make the most of your time, and our upfront approach eliminates disappointment and unnecessary expense.

Effective legal counsel you can afford

Our fees are similar to fees charged in the Tulsa Area, but many times they are lower. The conversation is always open between you and your attorney at Wagner Stuart. Communication freely flows both ways, ensuring a better chance for your case.

Guiding Your Success with Informed Strategies

Defense and prosecution of Oklahoma accidents

Your case goes beyond defendant and plaintiff. The complexities of defending or filing an accident claim include more than your word against theirs. The Oklahoma law firm of Wagner Stuart has amassed a network of experts and consultants who may be important to a case, which enables us to determine which are most likely to be effective and relevant to your situation.

It doesn't matter if you are the plaintiff or the defendant in an accident claim, our strategies work for an expeditious and fair outcome you deserve in your case. Don't let someone else's mistakes dictate the rest of your life. Seek a Tulsa injury attorney who can help you put your life back where it should be. Contact Wagner Stuart to set up a consultation through this site.

A Tulsa law firm that can help you with insurance options

For individuals and insurance companies, Wagner Stuart offers a depth of knowledge when it comes to guiding individuals to make the right decisions with their policies and fighting for insurance providers and businesses. We're prepared to help you make the right choices when it comes to your insurance.

If you have questions about insurance defense, or just don't know what to do with your policy, contact an attorney at Wagner Stuart.

It's about making our approach work for you

Since 1974, Wagner Stuart has provided professional, timely and cost effective representation for its clients. Every effort is made to serve our local and national clients in the way clients expect to be served, paying careful attention to budgets, instructions and goals.

Although similarities do exist, every case is unique. From the document intensive litigation case to the creation of a will or trust, our focus is on what each client wants to achieve. We’re there to design a tailored response to each legal challenge you may encounter.

I try to find one new positive thing to learn from each case and incorprate it into the practice of law and the practice of life.

– John Stuart