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Is Your Business Asking the Right Questions?

The backbone of our country’s economy is the small business men and women. They are the dreamers and the doers, developing new products and services to enrich our lives. The success or failure of a business, no matter how great the concept, idea or product often depends to a large degree on how the business is set up and structured from the legal point of view. Here is where Wagner Stuart PLLC can help.

Once the courageous step has been taken to walk away from a high-paying job with benefits to start your own business, it’s important—if not crucial—to view the new business endeavor from a legal point of view. You may have questions such as:

  • Should a corporation be formed?

  • Who will be the officers and directors?

  • Is there an operating agreement in place?

  • What type and amount of insurance coverage is appropriate or required by law?

  • What is needed to obtain and keep key employees?

Business Transactions

Wagner Stuart PLLC helps the entrepreneurs address the many legal issues accompanying the creation and operation of a new business. We have had clients who wanted to purchase an existing business. In these instances, we work with them to address the legal ramifications of doing so.

For these transactions, we draft sell/buy agreements with language limiting potential liability for the seller, the purchase agreement and related documents for the purchase. We also locate insurance, surveyors, reclamation companies, abstract companies, and other services for a client’s consideration.

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Managing the Employer-Employee Relationship

Business law often includes helping with the relationship between employees and employers. This can involve the renegotiation of terms and conditions in an employment agreement or in a separation agreement. In the latter situation, we help determine whether a former employee can convert pension plans, 401(K) plans, life insurance and disability plans into individual plans and policies. We have helped clients adjust the term and conditions of their separation to better benefit them and their families.

Business law is a complex arena, and it requires the help of an attorney with the experience to help you make the right choices.

Let a Tulsa, Oklahoma Business Attorney Help

Seek the help of an experienced Tulsa, Oklahoma, business attorney. John Stuart will listen to your matter and present viable options. If Wagner Stuart PLLC cannot address your specific issue, we can assist in identifying other legal representatives who might better understand your needs.